McMillan House


Built in 1885 in Errington, this log house is one of the few houses left standing from that era.

The house is constructed of hand cut squared-off logs beautifully dove-tailed at the corners. The fireplace was reconstructed as close a s possible to the original using local stones. The McMillan House is a designated Heritage Trust building.

This log house was built by Duncan McMillan, a young Scottish farmer from Ontario who came out west lured by the promise of temperate weather and arable land. McMillan was the one of the first Europeans to claim a plot of land in Errington; land that had been preempted by the E&N Railway Company and taken from the local indigenous peoples.

McMillan House was moved to the Parksville Museum in 1983 and allows us a glimpse into the life of a 19th century farmer on Vancouver Island. The chimney was reconstructed using some of the original stones.

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