Near Oceanside Middle School on Wembley Road, barely visible behind a fir hedge stands the oldest house in Parksville. It has been renovated and declared as a heritage site. In 1893, it was built by Major Robert Fayer Hickey who left a distinguished career in the British Army for a life of adventure on Vancouver Island. Read more…..page 41 Parksville & then some by Marjorie Leffler

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A successful jockey in Ireland until he broke both wrists falling off horses, Ned Despard, took up a homestead on Errington Road naming it “Woodsgift” and later opened up his home as a hobby craft exhibit. Page 62 Parksville & then some by Marjorie Leffler details...



Born in Dublin, Ireland in 1874, George Bernard caught the excitement of Canada’s gold rush and returned from the north wearing a dead man’s set of pants and hat as he had lost his own! A new job working for the railways brought George to Parksville in 1914. He was a...

Craig Family

Craig Family

So…..if you were born in Malpeque, Prince Edward Island, home of the world famous oysters (almost as good as Fanny Bay!) and decided to leave PEI and head west – where would you end up? Craig Bay, Craig Cottage, Craig Historic Park – yup – in Parksville. Arriving in...



William Rath, travelling with his brother George, arrived from Ireland looking for gold in California but ended up in Barkerville. On hiatus from the gold searching, they landed a canoe east of the Englishman estuary in 1858. William and his wife Elizabeth Rath...

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Charles Nash knew a good thing when he saw it; when he heard 38 acres with 450 feet of waterfront could be purchased for $800, he bought it. “Seabright’ as it was then and is now known became a showplace. Huge chestnut trees shaded expansive lawns and colorful...

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