William Rath, travelling with his brother George, arrived from Ireland looking for gold in California but ended up in Barkerville. On hiatus from the gold searching, they landed a canoe east of the Englishman estuary in 1858. William and his wife Elizabeth Rath (Talbot) had five children with daughter May Rath being recognized as the first white baby born in this new settlement.

The Rath farm gradually developed into a campsite costing .25 for a picnic and .50 for a weekend camping stay. In 1968, Rathtrevor Campsite became Rathtrevor Provincial Park. The Rath farmhouse, built in the 1930’s, is open to the public and is now known as the Nature House. See p. 27 Parksville & then some by Marjorie Leffler

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In the late 1930’s, there was a triangular piece of property that every resident considered to be a park. It lay on the Island Highway across from the old Island Hall (now the Beach Club Resort). George Wilson wanted the land to become the first shopping centre in BC....


Ernest and Edith Marks were married in 1908, left England in 1911 and arrived in Parksville in 1912. Ernest became farm manager for A. Lodington Smith, who owned 115 acres along the highway across from where the Quality Bayside Resort now stands. In 1940, the Marks...


In July 1996, George Ward celebrated his 85th birthday at his home in Coombs; George lived on the same property for 80 of those 85 years – how many people can say that? George was born in Vancouver and moved to the Island travelling by train to their new home. George...



Otto Renz, born in Nebraska’s Otoe County (hence, the name Otto) came with his family in 1885 to their new home on what is now known as Church Road. Both Otto and his father, who were Catholics, helped build St. Anne’s Anglican Church. Otto was particularly proud of...

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It’s true! That transport truck driving along the inland highway is owned by Kingsley Trucking but go back to 1893 when Jim Kingsley was born in Victoria – that’s where the story begins. Jim’s dad, Jack meets Mary Mills, marries, has children but Jack goes north for...

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