Coast Salish People


We acknowledge that we are gathered on the unceded territory of the Coast Salish People including the territories of the Snaw-Na-Was and Qualicum people.

Recognized as one of the best sports fishing rivers on Vancouver Island, Englishman River was known by speakers of the Hul’qumi’num’ language as ‘place of the steelhead’. Along the Englishman River, at a spot known as Top Bridge, three clearly discernible and distinct petroglyphs can be found. One is a traditional totem design, possibly a bear. The second carving could represent a killer whale. The third is also a killer whale. This one appears to be the most intricate: the lines are strong and perfectly symmetrical.

In addition, middens have been found in several sites within this geographical district.



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Craig Family

Craig Family

So…..if you were born in Malpeque, Prince Edward Island, home of the world famous oysters (almost as good as Fanny Bay!) and decided to leave PEI and head west – where would you end up? Craig Bay, Craig Cottage, Craig Historic Park – yup – in Parksville. Arriving in...

Parks Family

Parks Family

Who put the Parks in Parksville? Nelson Parks! Born in Ohio in 1824, he travelled west with wife Elizabeth and sons George, James and Frank. Nelson and each of the sons registered their land claim and each received 160 acres. In 1886, the Englishman River Post Office...

Hirst Family

Hirst Family

Receiving the dubious distinction as the first white settler to step onto these shores, John Hirst Junior arrived by canoe and purchased 160 acres for $160. In 1895, John and his wife Ann (Harris of Nanaimo) started building the Rod and Gun Hotel. Unfortunately, John...

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