Parksville and surrounding area is known for its beautiful gardens and Frank Topliffe is the first of the early families in which a gardener is mentioned. Five year old Frank moved with his family to Lot No. 11 of the Salvation Army Tract in Coombs. Frank’s dad was a gardener in both England and Ontario and he immediately set to work to create a farm out of the forest. 

He became a gardener for both the Qualicum and Eaglecrest Golf Courses. Mr. Topliffe planted the orchard which was adjacent to the lower edge of the golf course. The orchard is now known as The Bluffs of Eaglecrest. Young Frank followed in his father’s footsteps and became gardener of the Qualicum Golf Course.

More can be found p. 103 Parksville & then some by Marjorie Leffler


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